Four Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

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Smoothies are great for weight loss because they are nutrient dense with few toxins when compared to the “SAD”diet

I am so happy that the world is starting to move past the judgement that people are overweight just because they eat too much and exercise too little. Today we know that it is not just about how many calories you eat, but rather about the nutritional value of those calories.

With healthy smoothies your body will get the nutrients it need. When you feed your body real food, it doesn’t have to eat non-stop looking for nutrients. Added to this, when you eat cleaner food with less toxins and preservatives, your body doesn’t have to hold on to extra weight to protect itself against the toxic overload.

Here are four smoothie recipes that are healthy, nutrient dense and assuming you use organic produce mostly toxin free…

Mixed Berry Diet Smoothie
#1 Mixed Berry Diet Smoothie

1 cup of fresh or frozen berries (A combination of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries)

1/2 cup of non-fat yogurt

Blend and enjoy!

Berries are famous for their antioxidants and their weight loss benefits. This mixed berry diet smoothie contains four berries that can help you slim down, keep you looking young and provide you with essential fibers that aid digestion.


#2 Strawberry Kale Diet Smoothie Strawberry Kale Diet Smoothie

1 tightly packed cup of kale, washed and chopped
1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries
1 cup of non-fat or low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt
1 cup of ice

Blend and enjoy!

Kale is King. It’s full of goodness and a natural weight loss food. Not only is it one of the highest nutrient based greens available, it’s a dieter’s dream food. Kale helps keep you feeling full as it’s full of fiber and is great for detoxing your body.

Beet and Strawberry Diet Smoothie#3 Beet & Strawberry Diet Smoothie

1/2 cup roasted beets
3 cups strawberries
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons raw honey

Blend and enjoy!

Beetroot is an amazing vegetable. Although it is a bit of a “love it or hate it” vegetable, they are extremely good for you.

Athletes drink beet juice to give them energy as they far more effective than any energy drink could dream to be. This beetroot and strawberry diet smoothie is great for weight loss as the energy it gives keeps you going all day.

#4 Spinach with Green apple Diet Smoothie Spinach and Green Apple Diet Smoothie

1 1/2 cups coconut milk
2 cups stemmed and chopped spinach or kale
1 apple unpeeled, cored, and chopped

Blend and enjoy!

This apple spinach diet smoothie is not only very tasty but also very healthy. Spinach is a fabulous addition to a smoothie when blended with a sweet green apple. It’s no surprise that spinach is full of nutrients… … Spinach is very low in calories and is packed with antioxidants, vitamin c, calcium and potassium.


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